NRCF Secretary

Cara Austen

Relevant Experience:
Cara is a Northern Rivers local with 15 years legal experience working with and in businesses to help them achieve their goals. She's experienced in corporate and commercial law both in Australia and across Asia, and has worked with start-ups and multi-billion dollar companies.

After 15 years in the corporate world Cara established Twine because she believes that business can make significant positive change in our world. Twine focuses on supporting food and agriculture as they are at the heart of who we are as humans and it’s fundamental we get it right. Cara is a founding member and current Committee Member of Clarence Valley Food Incorporated.

Why I joined:
I joined the NRCF because I see the value in strengthening the relationship between the southern and northern parts of the Northern Rivers region. There are significant differences across the Northern Rivers, but the more we can work together, the stronger we will be as a region. In addition, I love the long-term vision of the NRCF, it is not about band-aid solutions, it is about long term improvement and enhancement of our wonderful community.

What I do:
Secretary and Director at NRCF