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The NRCF thanks the generous doantion from local Billinudgel based business Sunglass Fix.

Run by husband and wife team Lainie and Craig Anderson, they made a $10,000 donation to NRCF through the 1% For The Planet Environmental Partners option. To find out how you can do the same contact

We caught up with Lainie and Craig for a chat.

When did you start your business?

17 years ago Craig decided to leave his corporate career to start a business. He found three pairs of scratched up sunglasses in his desk drawer. His natural tendency to fix things rather than throw them away, especially things of quality and after researching his options of replacing the lenses, just like you would replace the tyres on a car he was surprised there wasn’t a solution. After a career in IT he felt bringing this solution to the market was his calling.

What’s your favourite thing about it?

Our passionate and loyal customers who value repair and reuse over tossing away perfectly good items. Reading their reviews about how something so simple has made a difference in their life is priceless. We have a large number of repeat customers who keep coming back and telling us how much they love to replace their lenses.

Running a business provides a lot of autonomy in how you make decisions and live your life. We’re proud to be continuously hiring local staff who are valuable members of our team that make up the vibrant small business community in our shire. Doing something for the greater good and helping the planet feels really good.

What’s the best part about calling the Northern Rivers community your own?

Apart from the incredible weather and lifestyle we’ve managed to hire and maintain some excellent local staff, a few who have their long service leave in the near future. The Northern Rivers attracts staff who want to be passionate about where they work and really want to become part of the culture so this makes for a small family atmosphere within the workplace that’s a refreshing change from big business culture. Our shire is home to many environmentally-minded folks who are big supporters of our products and keep coming back year after year.

What would you say to other business owners who might not have considered philanthropic giving?

Our ethos has always been to think on a global scale, being a global business our goal has been to grow the business not only for our family, our staff, but for the world we live in. It’s an incredible full circle experience that enhances the culture and passion our staff have for our business. It’s a direct link to our customers who want to choose ethical and environmentally-minded products as part of their lifestyle. So ultimately it’s like a snowball that’s slowly growing and will amass to a huge movement of consumers choosing brands that give back and are part of the whole solution to a better world for all.

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