Why Give through us?

Longer lasting impacts — We invest your donation wisely in ethical funds, and the interest and dividends from these funds go towards our annual small grants program. This means we can provide a permanent source of funds to the community year after year. As you continue to donate, so our grant funding grows and so does the investment fund. Together we are building a legacy for the future of our community. The more you give, the more we can grant, and the more impact we can have.

We listen — Choosing where you give is a very personal decision. We know you want your gift to make the biggest difference possible. We are committed to helping you make decisions that match your interests as an individual, family or group with the important and pressing needs of the community.

Give where you live — If like us, you love where you live, then come and be part of a group that feels as passionate as you do about giving back to our community. With NRCF, your donation will impact local causes that matter to you.


You can choose to give frequently, or as a one off donation. There are six ways to do this:

  1. Donate to our General Giving Fund — as a one off or regular donation, dividends of which go to the Small Grants Program. Go to Our Impact page to find out what impact your donation can have.
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  2. Set up your own Named Fund — A sub fund with NRCF is a Named, Memorial or Themed Gift. The current amount required to establish a Sub-fund with the NRCF is $5,000 in the first year, building to $25,000 or more within four years.

    More about Named Funds
  3. Make a Bequest — Leave a lasting legacy to your community through your Will.

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  4. Donate to a particular fundraising campaign — Each year we campaign for specific programs or appeals, for example the Back to School Program supporting Grandcarers and their grandchildren; or seasonal campaigns like our ‘End of Financial Year appeal’. These campaigns are updated regularly and are based on need, so watch out for them on our home page.
  5. Become a Capacity building partner — You can elect to give part or all of your donation to support the operating costs of running NRCF. We endeavour to keep our running costs to an absolute minimum, adhering to a strict budget and working with business partners for in kind support. However we also believe that for NRCF to be sustainable into the future we need to be at the forefront of philanthropy both locally and nationally. NRCF works tirelessly across our vast region, building partnerships, connecting with service organisations to build capacity, liaising with government stakeholders, and staging events to further the conversation on philanthropy and key issues facing our community.If you are interested in supporting the NRCF at ground level, we welcome your financial support. We’ll keep you up to date with our activities on the ground via our quarterly newsletter and fill you in on how we’re doing operationally through our annual report.

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  6. Become a BUSINESS partner — We have many wonderful businesses supporting the work of the Foundation.

    More about NRCF Partners