Children enjoying learning to swim via Kick Start learn to swim program for former refugees.

Donate to our General Giving Fund — as a one off or regular donation, dividends of which go to the annual Grants Program. Or, if you are interested in supporting a particular cause then please indicate your preference by selecting one of our Named Funds. If you do not make a selection, your gift will automatically go to our General Giving Fund.

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Or go to Our Named Funds page to find out more about the causes you would like to support.


Add some good karma to your tax planning

Do you want to make tax time meaningful again? Don’t wait until 30 June to start thinking about your EOFY donations. If you want to benefit your local community in perpetuity, please consider a tax-deductible gift to the NRCF.

Donations to the NRCF help local groups transform lives. Whether you are passionate about mental health, disability or family support, animal welfare or strengthening our natural environment, the NRCF provide a number of avenues to support local community organisations. Consider the NRCF when planning for tax time this year. All donations big and small serve as an investment in the future of our communities.

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Become a Volunteer

We are always on the look out for motivated people who are passionate about giving back to our community.

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Set up your own Named Fund

A Named Fund is a charitable fund you can set up at NRCF that acts just like your own Foundation.

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Make a Bequest

Leave a gift in your Will to ensure that the community support we provide will keep going beyond your lifetime.

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Become a Business Partner

Find out how your organisation can join the many wonderful businesses supporting the work of NRCF.

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We invest your donation wisely in ethical funds, and the interest and dividends from these funds go towards our annual small grants program. This means we can provide a permanent source of funds to the community year after year. As you continue to donate, our grant funding grows and so does the investment fund.


Choosing where you give is a very personal decision. We know you want your gift to make the biggest difference possible. We are committed to helping you make decisions that match your interests as an individual, family or group with the important and pressing needs of the community.


If like us, you love where you live, then come and be part of a group that feels as passionate as you do about giving back to our community. With NRCF, your donation will impact local causes that matter to you.