Youth + Disability + Health & Wellbeing + Environment & Conservation + Aged Services

The Northern Rivers  Community Foundation employs a multifaceted impact model focused on grassroots empowerment, ‘venture philanthropy’, research, capacity building, and convening. At our core, we prioritise grassroots initiatives, recognising local communities’ inherent strength and potential. NRCF strategically invests in innovative projects to generate sustainable, long-term impact, addressing funding gaps for smaller organisations.

NRCF takes a hands-on and research-led approach, developing and supporting innovative solutions towards systemic change. In response to critical issues impacting the Northern Rivers community, NRCF’s grant programs have provided hundreds of community organisations with grant funding across key impact areas. This is driven by need identified by our communities, as well societal pressures such as housing and local events such as disaster, our longstanding and deep relationships, and community-based research.

Community-based research informs decision-making, ensuring resources achieve maximum impact. We prioritise capacity building, supporting organisations and individuals to thrive.We foster collective action, convening stakeholders to address community challenges. A powerful example is our four-year flood research, used to secure a major grant program for flood recovery in 2023, amplifying community voices and collaboration.

Whatever your passion, we can help you make a real difference.