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Mark Sofer

Why did you join NRCF?

I attended the 2019 annual fundraiser and was inspired by the organisation’s achievements and the support it had within the community. Looking further into the Foundation’s model, the idea of investing donations to accelerate the growth of that capital, making the giving process more sustainable, really appealed to me. I felt that with my investment background and the work I do running an regional impact angel group, I could help the Foundation grow and give back to the community.

As a volunteer, what is the focus of your role?

I’m a member of the investment committee and joined at a time when the Foundation was transferring its investments from more traditional asset classes into better aligned impact investments. I have some knowledge in this space and was happy to be involved in that process. It’s great to know that the NRCF is not only making a difference within the regional community, but also globally through its investments that now avoid harm and contribute to solutions.

Tell us something that people might not know about you.

One of my other passions is scuba diving – before starting my career in the UK investment industry, I lived on a small island in the Caribbean for 5 years working as a diving instructor. I am now an instructor trainer and teach people to become scuba instructors here in Byron Bay.

What do you enjoy about volunteering at NRCF?

The opportunity to make a difference is the most enjoyable part of being involved in the NRCF, but more specifically the organisation is often at the forefront of new initiatives that better our local economy and improves the lives of those less fortunate. The Foundation’s expertise has made it a valued partner for other mission-driven projects, and I get to work with a highly experienced team with pioneering ambitions for a better future.


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