NRCF Grants and Community Impact Manager

Kyla White

Relevant Experience:
I began my career working as a frontline case manager in the housing, disability, youth and child protection sectors. A chance opportunity to spend a year as an Australian volunteer living and working in Solomon Islands turned into a 15 year career in the Pacific aid and development sector, where I worked for some of the world's most well known international NGOs and UN agencies specialising in monitoring and evaluating social change programs. The COVID pandemic put an end to my global career and sent me packing back to the Northern Rivers where I grew up. Ever since then I've been putting my skills to use supporting leaders and organisations closer to home. I hold a Masters in Community Development (Emergency Management), a Graduate Certificate in Gender Mainstreaming Policy and Analysis and a Specialist Certificate in Implementation Science.

Why I joined:
I was drawn to the field of monitoring and evaluation because of my curious mindset and insatiable appetite for information. I love unpacking problems and exploring people's motivations, assumptions and aspirations for the work they do. It is often said "what gets measured, matters" in the world of social change, but most grassroots community organisations lack the time, skills and resources to measure their impact. It is my goal to get people excited about impact measurement through simple tools and processes that anyone can use.