There are a few ways to make a gift to the Northern Rivers Community Foundation. You can choose to plan your giving in advance and give a regular monthly donation, or you may give a one off donation.

If you are interested in supporting a particular cause then please indicate your preference by selecting one of our Named Funds. If you do not make a selection, your gift will automatically go to our General Giving Fund.

Private Ancilliary Funds (PAFs) can donate via a dedicated account with the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) - see instructions below.

For more information and to donate to the Resilience and Regeneration Fund, click here.

If you make your donation through ‘Give Now’ you will receive a receipt immediately by email. If your donation is made by direct deposit or mail, we will post a receipt to you.

Donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible.

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Private Ancillary Fund

Private Ancillary Funds can donate to NRCF via a dedicated FRRR account.

To donate as a PAF by cheque or electronic transfer, download and fill out this form, then email the completed form to info@frrr.org.au.

To donate as a PAF by credit card, complete this online form.
Please note, the only selection required under ‘Donation Purpose’ is Community Foundation > Northern Rivers Community Foundation – Community Fund.

You will receive a donation receipt directly from FRRR.

Cheque / Cash /Money Order OR Direct Depost (EFT)

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General Giving FundResilience and Regeneration FundBallina Shire Sub FundByron Shire Sub FundLismore Shire Sub FundChristopher & Lynda Dean Sub FundSCU Bowen Education FundTony Narracott Youth Sub FundEnvironment Sub FundTweed Shire Sub FundMcGrath Northern Rivers Sub FundAnimal Welfare & Wildlife Conservation FundSustainable Food & Agriculture FundNorthern Rivers Wildlife Hospital Infrastructure FundGavin Greenoak FundChristmas AppealBack to School ProgramEOFY Appeal* NOTE: If you do not make a selection, your gift will automatically go to our General Giving Fund, unless you have donated 100% to Administration.
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Direct Deposit Donations
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