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Suggested Will Phrasing:

Your Will can help create a better future

By leaving a gift in your Will to the NRCF, you’ll help ensure that the vital support we provide to your community will keep going well beyond your lifetime. By planning a lasting gift today, you’re helping to ensure a better tomorrow for many others.

Bequests to the NRCF can be used in a number of ways:

  • A bequest to our General Giving Fund will be held in perpetuity with the gifts of other generous donors. Over time, the income from this fund will be distributed to where the greatest needs in our community lie, through our Small Grants Program.
  • Bequests of $25,000 and over can also be used to establish a named, themed or memorial Sub-fund — for instance ‘The JS Smith Memorial Sub-fund’. You can then encourage family and friends to contribute to your fund, as a way of helping to keep your memory and your passion alive.
How to leave a gift to the NRCF

Everyone should have a Will. If you don’t, we suggest you speak with your solicitor, State or Public Trustee or Trustee Company.

You can choose to include a bequest to the NRCF in a number of ways — either in relation to a specific gift or as a percentage or ‘residue’ of your estate. In addition to financial bequests, the NRCF can also accept gifts of other assets, such as property, and investments such as shares. We suggest you consider carefully how you might remember us in your Will, then discuss it with your family and your solicitor before making your decision. Once you are ready to proceed, we can supply you with the exact wording you will need to ask your solicitor to include NRCF in your Will. It’s a simple process — even if you’re amending an existing Will.

Giving it for tomorrow? Become a member of G.I.F.T. today

The NRCF wants to acknowledge and thank those in our community with the generosity and foresight to include us in their Will.

By becoming a ‘notified bequestor’ you are invited to join ‘G.I.F.T.’ (Give It For Tomorrow), which is all about thanking you during your lifetime for the gift you’ll one day give.

We respect your privacy. After joining G.I.F.T. we will not display your name publicly without your prior permission.

As a member of G.I.F.T. you:

  • receive a personally signed letter from the NRCF Chair welcoming you as a G.I.F.T member.
  • receive invitations to attend exclusive annual gatherings with the NRCF Board and other members of the philanthropic community. In effect, you join a family of big-hearted people, all united in our aim to make the community we love a better place for all.
  • (if you wish) can share your personal story on the NRCF website about why you’ve chosen to leave a legacy to the Northern Rivers.
  • receive our newsletter with updates about how we’re helping in the community.

How to join G.I.F.T
To become a Notified Bequestor and join G.I.F.T. simply provide us with a short letter from either yourself or your solicitor (if possible) confirming your bequest, plus a copy of the extract in your Will that relates to the Bequest. This information is held in absolute confidence for our records only.