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I spent my life in dance and theatre as a performer, teacher, choreographer and director. I was absolutely passionate about my work and never expected that to change, however an illness in 2003 and love completely changed my reality. As John Lennon said  “Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans.” So in 2003 I moved to Kauaii  to be with my partner at the time and to continue my recovery. He had been running his own Foundation for over 30yrs which I knew about and I slowly became interested in what he was doing.

After living in Kauaii for 6 years and being involved with several Foundations, I returned to Australia and to Byron where I had lived on and off since 1994. As a newly single person I began reshaping my life and moved into the healing arts. I also felt a responsibility to make a will for the first time in my life, as despite not having a huge cash flow I owned 2 apartments, and definitely didn’t want the money from them to go to the Government! This is really when the fun began, as I have no children so the question of who I wanted to leave money to was huge. I knew that I wanted to leave some to friends but also some to philanthropic ventures. I spent a lot of time  researching  so many Charities and Foundations looking at many options – International, National, Local, Environmental, Health, the Arts, Animals and Social Welfare. I finally made my decision on the NRCF as it fitted most of my criteria, it seemed to be very well run, equitable, not too big but big enough that it’s not going to collapse and it gifted across the board to different organisations and people. I also liked the fact that maybe before I leave this mortal coil I may be able to get involved  on some level with the Foundation. So my decision was made and I haven’t changed it and feel sure that I made the right decision. I am still asset rich and cash flow challenged so making the  bequest is the most viable way for me to be able to help make a difference to peoples lives even if it is after I have gone.

Cheryl Heazlewood  

For more information on how you can leave a Bequest to the Foundation, visit the ‘Giving’ Page on our website or contact

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