NRCF Director

Marc Sofel

Relevant Experience:
Marc is a co-founder of the business advisory and impact investor Byron Ventures. He is experienced in various asset classes and establishing, developing and exiting a number of businesses during a career of over two decades in the UK, Australia and the Caribbean. Marc is a board director of the regional impact angel group, mentor at Sourdough Business Pathways and LEAD, and a passionate educator and PADI Course Director training SCUBA Professionals since 2001.

Why I joined:
I attended the 2019 annual fundraiser and was inspired by the organisation’s achievements and the support it had within the community. Looking further into the Foundation’s model, the idea of investing donations to accelerate the growth of that capital, making the giving process more sustainable, really appealed to me. I felt that with my investment background and the work I do running a regional impact angel group, I could help the Foundation grow and give back to the community.

What I do: Member of the Investment Committee.