Bunjum Transition Housing

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Article written by Nancy Walke, Director, Bunjum Aboriginal Corporation

Bunjum Aboriginal Corporation has a two-bedroom Unit that we use as a transition house for women fleeing violence.

Women who flee violence often don’t have a home to go to. They flee without bedding and cooking utensils. The house is equipped with kitchen appliances, a washing machine and dryer. Our house allows these women space to think, to breath and to decide the path they want to take to healing.

The unit is over 15 years old and although we paint the walls from time to time, the floor needed replacing.  We applied to the Northern Rivers Community Foundation for funds to enable us to do this and we were successful in recouping a fair amount of the cost!  Thank you so much.

In January this year we laid new vinyl flooring in the dining room, hall and bedrooms.

It looks fresh and clean and the new floor has made quite a difference to how the house feels and is not slippery.

The tenant, who helped to choose the colour, said it is so nice not to have the hard, difficult-to-clean floor tiles anymore and is very pleased with them. Her little girl, all of 5 said that she “doesn’t slip anymore and likes it”.

Thanks so much NRCF for making it possible.

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