Diane Firestone shares the power of a bequest

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Diane Firestone legacy bequest to NRCF

Why bequest to NRCF?

Diane Firestone shares her passion that inspired her bequest, and how her legacy will help create a better future in the Northern Rivers community.

“I am acutely aware of how much “need” there is in the world and in response to that need how many good works there are to support, but at times this can feel overwhelming.  NCRF thankfully provides a wonderful platform by which to give to the local community, knowing that the funds will be thoughtfully spread amongst multiple groups and projects.  Ultimately this approach “spreads the love” and reflects that goodness back to all of us who live here.

Notwithstanding, I have often felt the angst of feeling unable be as charitably generous as I would like to be in the present.  Ensuring the balance between personal security and family needs with giving to charity often seem to be at odds.  Planning in my Will to bequest to a charity that has meaning for me and impacts so many gives me the reassurance that my lifelong desire to make my world a better place will be realised.   The satisfaction of knowing that my generosity can expand in the future feels good in the present.”

~ Diane



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