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Janet Moyle - Animal Welfare & Wildlife Conservation Sub Fund

Northern Rivers local, Janét Moyle, choosing to ‘give while she lives’

Janét is passionate about supporting animal welfare and wildlife.

“Animal rights and wildlife protection have always been the strongest motivator for my activism and philanthropy,” Janét said.

“I was introduced to the NRCF by Michael Murray, noticed there was no category for wildlife, and very quickly established a targeted sub fund.

It was an instant YES because the fund remains in perpetuity, grows and increases its reach and potency as more people contribute and grants are for local projects. The team at NRCF made the process very easy.”

Janét Moyle and Meagan Kearney

Janét Moyle and Meagan Kearney talking about The Animal Welfare & Wildlife Conservation Sub Fund with NRCF

Janét  seeded The Animal Welfare & Wildlife Conservation Fund with the NRCF in 2018. Over the years, the fund has continued to grow, thanks to NRCF donors who share her passion for  animal welfare and our unique Australian fauna.

The NRCF understands the meaning in a name and the preciousness of creating an impact on a personal level. Donors can set up their own Named Sub Fund for a cause they care deeply about. This option avoids the cost and legal requirements of setting up a Private Ancillary Fund (PAF) or Family Foundation. Unlike a PAF, donations can be made at any time and many people can contribute.

To learn more about NRCF sub funds, or if you are also passionate about wildlife and want to make a contribution to The Animal Welfare & Wildlife Conservation sub fund, contact 0499 862 886 or email 

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