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FDTV Girls

NRCF GRANT: $2,610 for Future Dreamers TV – This project provides 15 girls aged 14-17 from the Northern Rivers with the knowledge and skills to create short films for the digital environment. These short films have become ‘pilot’ episodes for a new initiative Future Dreamers TV (FDTV).

We spoke to Leah Rettenmaier, Founder, Future Dreamers Girls Club:

“The Future Dreamers Girls Club is an inspirational hub, aimed at girls 12-25 years of age. We facilitate FREE workshops and events, after school and during holiday periods for the girls to ignite their potential. It is an antidote to the small town syndrome of teen boredom. The connection, sense of belonging and community the girls feel when they are a Future Dreamers member, supports them through what can be turbulent years. We use creativity, sport, and mentorship as means to engage them.” 

What did the grant from NRCF deliver for you and your recipients? 

“The NRCF grant provided opportunities in film production to the girls through a program called FDTV. This grant enabled us to have a young woman in film production to come and teach the girls some fantastic skills on film, vlogging, interviewing, lighting, camera angles and editing. This basic production 2 day workshop, gave the girls skills to edit/produce their own little clips within the clubhouse. All filming was done by our paid film facilitator, so the girls could be the cast as well.”

Following the workshops, the girls meet weekly at the clubhouse on a Wednesday after school. They have chosen a few different ways to present what they have learned in hope that it inspires their audience.

Leah explains:

“One series was about social connection, a sharing piece from girls with different backgrounds, schools, social-economics, religions, etc etc. Another series is a comedy sketch about ‘how to earn pocket money’. This was a funny take on trying to do odd jobs as a 14 year old girl in the name of earning some pocket money. The third series they have embarked on, is a series of asking guest mentors and women in the community they are inspired by, the same five poignant questions that a young girl would like to know. With a constant stream of amazing community members, women entrepreneurs and guest facilitators the girls have plenty of people to interview. They call this series FUTURE 5.”

These three projects were born out of the NRCF grant, and led by the young people. It will continue strong into the next term, and they also hope to expand their participants. The results of the workshops reach not only the participants but nearly 8,000 girls who view their short clips via social media.

Don’t miss out on a sneak preview of  FDTV! Check out the videos below.

Impacts are driving new found confidence

“The impact on the participants who attend FDTV weekly are varied and noted. Across the board, the girls’ confidence has grown HUGELY, and it’s a delight to see them become more and more confident each week – offering ideas, enhancing filming with their suggestions, and taking initiative to finish-off or to continue the project at home. This generally means they are inspired and excited.”

“A more unexpected result was a young 16yr old girl participant has decided to come on a Friday eve (every week) when the clubhouse is full of 12 year olds, and make a short clip for them and us, to practise her film skills. We posted her last three videos and a film producer has asked her to come experience a day on set. She is thrilled. We believe this opportunity is the kind of experience we hope to see our future dreamer girls receive.”

For more information http://futuredreamers.com.au/events/product/fd-tv/

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