Grant Recipients

2020 Grant Giving Event

Recovery and Resilience Grant Recipients

The NRCF has announced $236,000 in funding to help local community organisations build resilience in the face of future disasters and crisis. The Recovery and Resilience Grants Program is supporting 35 not for profit community groups across the Northern Rivers that have been impacted by a recent disaster, such as a flood, bushfire, or COVID-19.

This program is supported by our network of NRCF donors and funding partners - the James Frizelle Charitable Foundation, Portland House Foundation, Yulgilbar Foundation and international fundraising body, Global Giving. Long term partners, the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR), helped facilitate funding from private and public foundations. Projects span across Health & Wellbeing, Aged Services, Employment & Training, Arts and Culture, as well as Disaster Recovery, Preparedness & the Environment, with each project addressing a specific issue within each local community.

Health & Wellbeing

$10,000 - Supporting people whose lives have been disrupted by mental illness
The Mental Health Support Group (MHSG) is concerned with the welfare of those living with mental illness, providing household items to those who struggle financially as well as clothing for mental health patients. Demand for services has increased since the onset of Covid-19. This project will provide household essentials to mental health clients who are starting a new life focused on rehabilitation and recovery.
Supported by James Frizelle Charitable Foundation

$10,000 - Trauma Counselling- COVID-19 Response
This service acknowledges that people's mental health conditions may be exacerbated as a result of the multifaceted impacts of COVID-19. NRCG aims to provide counselling support for all cross sections of the community and support the most vulnerable adults to recover and rebuild their lives.

$5,000 - Solar Panel at Bugalma Bihyn Aboriginal Women, Young People and Children Refuge
WUNH supports women, children and young people impacted by domestic/family violence trauma & homelessness. The refuge is managing increased requests for support, including housing, food, and financial assistance to pay bills. In addition, the Refuge clients are struggling to meet their commitments to pay board. The refuge is looking to cut costs in its operations to increase its ongoing economic viability and capacity to provide utilities and services and mitigate the impact of some clients' incapacity to pay a contribution to their lodging.

$10,000 - Foodscapes: cultivating community resilience amongst women through food growing skills. 'Foodscapes' aims to create a more resilient Lismore by offering women in the Lismore LGA opportunities to learn practical skills to grow food at home, while building emotional resilience and improving social cohesion and community participation.

$6,000 - ‘Community Wings for Clarence’
In partnership with Royal Far West, Little Wings will support the recovery of communities affected by the 2019-20 bushfire disaster. Specifically, the Program will provide direct medical support to seriously ill children (0-12yrs) and their families in the Clarence Valley, to improve the resilience and wellbeing of children and decrease the likelihood of long-term adverse impacts.
Supported by James Frizelle Charitable Foundation

$3,490 - Lawrence School Community Garden
Lawrence is a small regional town in the Clarence Valley whose P&C has been unable to host fundraising events due to Covid-19. This project will support the completion of a new Community Garden that hopes to welcome & connect children and families of the local community.  Designed to encourage birds, bees, frogs and insects to visit, and provide reading nooks for families to sit, read a book and enjoy.
Supported by Yulgilbar Foundation


$6,280 - ‘Finding Me’ recovery program for women who have experienced domestic violence
The number of domestic and family violence victims has increased by 10 per cent after the Covid-19 shutdown commenced in March (Cormack, 2020) due to social distancing, isolation, heightened stress and increased alcohol consumption, to name a few. ‘Finding Me’ is a facilitated, evidence based 12-week program that promotes self-determination, self-efficacy and recovery from domestic violence by providing a safe, non-judgmental and inclusive environment where participants can access information, support, and connection.
Supported by James Frizelle Charitable Foundation

$10,000 - "It All Begins with Love" - a Family & Domestic Violence Theatre Mentorship Program.
Kyogle LGA is reported to be the 4th highest in NSW for hospitalization due to interpersonal violence. Severe drought, bushfires and the Covid-19 lockdown has now placed this vulnerable community in a precarious position with evidence suggesting that post disaster domestic violence is on the rise. This grant will help facilitate a peer-based mentorship program with women who have experienced violence, using the verbatim play “It All Begins with Love” by Rod Ainsworth.  It will promote resilience and regeneration, intentionally shaping long-term generational outcomes through women challenging violence by not excusing, accepting, dis-missing or hiding it.

Aged Services


$10,000 - A new vehicle for community transport
A small SUV will service the busy Tweed office, providing more trips for the elderly, disabled and otherwise transport disadvantaged clients. The fleet is insufficient to meet demand, especially now that travel is restricted to only one client in the car to maximise social distancing.
Supported by James Frizelle Charitable Foundation


$8,400 - Go West Of The Range
COVID-19 has drastically reduced volunteer numbers in charity organisations across Australia and the impact is greater in rural and regional areas. With volunteer support diminishing over the last three years, HART services will pilot a new volunteering and recruiting model to attract more volunteers to support essential community transport services 'West Of The Range', in Woodenbong, Urbenville, Bonalbo, Tabulam and all parts in between.


$5,000 - Bonalbo Social Day - Let's Do It!
In response to the ongoing drought, recent bushfires and Covid-19, the Louisa Johnston Centre, based in Bonalbo in the Kyogle shire, will host weekly 'Social Days' for the residents especially those who are isolated, disadvantaged, lonely and/or aged. The project aims to build a sense of community, purpose and togetherness for those who experience isolation and hardship in this rural area.
Supported by James Frizelle Charitable Foundation

$5,000 - Byron Elders Online Connect
Mandatory social isolation and ongoing restrictions are severely impacting the wellbeing of Byron Shire seniors. This project mitigates that impact by delivering an outreach training program designed to increase the digital skills of Byron Shire seniors, thereby enabling them to maintain connection with friends, family, services and online resources.
Supported by James Frizelle Charitable Foundation

$10,000 - People with dementia and carers - Building digital literacy during COVID-19.
This project will help build the recovery and resilience of our Ballina Shire Dementia Friendly Community (BSDFC) Alliance-Advisory Group, which consists of people living with dementia and their carers. The project aims to provide training to build digital literacy skills among Advisory Group members to reduce social isolation during COVID-19.
Supported by James Frizelle Charitable Foundation

Employment & Training

$816 - Equipment for Youth Lifesaver and Emergency Response Training Program
The Surf Club estimates a 50% decrease in membership due to the financial distress of local families. The reduced membership is also jeopardising the vital first aid & rescue services that the Club provides to the community.  In order to recruit and train new volunteers, the Club requires a new data projector in the training room to facilitate social distancing.

$3,375 - The Safe and Sustainable Program
provides monthly workforce meetings and training for 16 workers to address new COVID safety requirements and be trained on COVID safety protocols. The project will also allow for collaboration to expand the suite of dance and physical comedy programs online to people with disability and identify new opportunities for sustainable program delivery.

$2,707 - Creating online content for landholders & schools across Kyogle & Richmond Valley
Under current COVID-19 restrictions BRRVLN has been unable to proceed with a series of events, workshops and field days on landscape management which support landholders to respond to natural disasters and to support their biodiversity and sustainable agriculture practices. This project will train staff to create & present online video content in an engaging and educative way. The platform will give landholders access to information despite Covid restrictions and provide support during their drought and bushfire recovery endeavours.

$5,000 - South Lismore Supported Playgroups Health Food Education Project
This project supports the final completion of the Health Food Education Project allowing year round access for all children, including those with physical disabilities, to the edible garden and vegetable patches. Located in a flood zone in South Lismore, the project will provide concrete pathways and a flat dry space for the playgroup children.             
Supported by James Frizelle Charitable Foundation


$10,000 - The Byron Shire Resilience and Regeneration Roadshow is a series of events designed to inspire, inform and mobilise a Resilience and Regeneration Movement for local community organisations, regenerative businesses and Byron Shire residents. It involves six free, open-air events across the shire, culminating at Renew Fest 2021.


$10,000 - Synergy Automation
Based in Tweed Heads South, Synergy is dedicated to providing meaningful employment to those living with permanent disabilities. In response to COVID-19 health and safety measures, Synergy had to reduce the number of staff attending work, being half the disabled supported workers plus all volunteer staff. Conversely, customers’ internet sales have increased as a direct result of COVID-19 and supply could not meet demand. The Synergy Automation project will purchase and install machinery to facilitate their transition from a manual food processing and packaging company to a semi-automated service. This will allow us to grow into a competitively sustainable operation equipped to keep pace with our industry, while providing employment opportunities, training and new skills for the local adult disabled workforce.

Arts & Culture

$7,000 - 'Our Home Holiday Town'
Byron Youth Theatre in collaboration with Southern Cross University will create an original production and accompanying workshop focusing on the mental health issues of growing up in a regional town before and after the impact of COVID-19. The production will tour local schools in the region and provide two public performances.

$4,500 - Support the restaging of Ingenuity Festival 2021
This grant will support the engagement of a Development Officer to deliver the Ingenuity Festival 2021. By building the capacity of CREATIVE MULLUM, the festival will provide creative cultural development activities and support the recovery of artists following the impact of Covid-19.

$10,000 - Murwillumbah Arts Trail 2021.
This festival of visual arts and a major community event was cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19. The grant will support a re-staging of the event in 2021, featuring 100 visual artists, music and performances across Murwillumbah.

$5,000 - ‘Flow’: a contemporary retelling of ancestral stories around culture, land and water.
Mitch King, a Yaegl Bundjalung man, will present 'Flow', a one-man show inspired by community and country, and told through contemporary movement and hip-hop. 'Flow' aims to strengthen the Indigenous voice and engage young people through a contemporary retelling of Indigenous knowledge, and stories. Sharing this knowledge of connection to place, to land and to our water ways is key to the current and future resilience of our people.

Disaster Recovery, Preparedness & the Environment


$10,000 - 'Resilient Communities' Facilitator Training
A 7-module community education program that engages the community to strengthen disaster preparedness and resilience. Local facilitators are trained to empower communities to implement projects that build their resilience. It focuses on addressing resilience challenges including climate change, food, water, energy, infrastructure, economy, ecosystem and health.
Supported by Global Giving


$6,850 - Fire trailer to spray flying foxes in heat events
The fire trailer is a 1000 L tanker fitted with a hose and pump to carry water to flying fox colonies to be able to spray/mist flying foxes during heat events, to prevent mass mortalities and reduce the numbers that will need to be rehabilitated.
Supported by Global Giving

$9,103 - Side by Side
- nurturing connections to strengthen support & resilience.
This project will create small-scale networks across communities in the 2484, that are most at risk of fire and flood. Repetitive connections will nurture trusting and supportive relationships. Through these connections, clusters will be supported to develop phone trees, disaster preparedness plans and kits, and positive means of staying connected (e.g. book clubs, walking groups, shared picnics). The focus is on facilitating connections ‘in good times’, in order to increase preparedness and responsiveness to each other in times of crisis.
Supported by James Frizelle Charitable Foundation

$4,422 - Improving water delivery to the Lismore Rainforest Botanic Gardens
The purchase and installation of a rainwater tank at the Visitor's Centre in the Lismore Rainforest Botanic Gardens is part of an investment in improved water delivery to the rainforest, Wilson's Park species, uncommon plants and hoop pine forest areas. The project serves as a resilience measure in low rainfall periods and as an emergency supply in case of fire.

$6,000 - 'Supporting community members through connection'
The triple effect of drought, summer bushfires and Covid-19 has impacted many members of the Tabulam community, leaving them struggling with everyday tasks, including shopping. This project will provide food hampers, giving the double benefit of not only delivering food, but using the opportunity to ask "Are you ok?"
Supported by James Frizelle Charitable Foundation

$3,350 - Re-establishing Growers’ Market and Village Newsletter
The November bushfires ripped through the town of Nymboida taking homes, sheds, bridges and businesses. Covid-19 has caused delays to rebuilding and recovery has been slow. The Nymboida Growers' Market and local newsletter provide opportunities for community building, information dissemination and socialization. This project will provide support to two new volunteers to re-establish these important community activities and ensure the region has inclusive and supportive vehicles to get back on their feet.
Supported by Yulgilbar Foundation 

$4,669 - Harvesting water for water security
Nimbin Community Centre consists of 8 buildings, housing over 20 vital community services. Situated on 2 acres of heritage listed grounds in the heart of the village, the project will ensure water security for grounds and gardens during water restrictions associated with drought.

$5,214 - Future proofing Shara Community Gardens with our neighbours against drought. Water storage to build better drought and water efficiency resilience for a local community garden in North Ocean Shores.

$6,436 - Post Bushfire Nest Box Monitoring program
Richmond Landcare is currently involved in a post bushfire recovery project for North Coast wildlife habitats, having installed 50 nest boxes in bushfire impacted areas. This follow up project will focus on a  monitoring program measuring its success, and work with the community to establish monitoring procedures as part of a citizen science program.
Supported by Global Giving

$10,000 - Refurbishment of kitchen facilities to use for the community in times of crisis.
Coaldale & Barretts Creek are remote isolated communities in the Clarence Valley that have been severely impacted by drought, bushfire, floods and Covid-19. The upgrade of the local community hall will provide a facility for all community members, visitors and volunteers to use now, during the recovery  phase, as well as a central point to gather, coordinate and support during future crises.
Supported by Yulgilbar Foundation

$10,000 - Rapid Response Disaster Relief Mobile Accommodation Units
Initially to be utilised to assist the victims of the Black Summer bushfires, the mobile units will then be retained by the organisation to deploy in future natural disasters, such as floods, fires, or in any case of need in our community, such as fleeing violence or homelessness.
Supported by Yulgilbar Foundation

$3,095 - Equipment for emergency relief coordination
A new electronic whiteboard will support emergency relief coordination and information sharing for the community of Glenreagh, when they seek support and information following natural disasters such as the recent bushfires and floods.
Supported by James Frizelle Charitable Foundation