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The HART Services team learning ‘on country’.

The team at HART Services were given an important opportunity to build their understanding of our ancient indigenous culture, through a workshop facilitated by Banaam. Learnings were reinforced by an on-country experience, allowing lessons learned to be amplified by the historical voices held in the land.

The Banaam Cultural Immersion Experience brings history, language, song-line and relationship to country truly alive. A range of HART workers, from the CEO to their newest casual employee, were taught about kinship and place as it relates to local Bundjalung culture.

“While improved cultural knowledge is a wonderful asset for every organisation, the true gift of this training is the challenge of thinking differently,” said HART CEO Isaac Smith.

“Banaam and Bundjalung cultural practice is now being looked at as an alternative model for managing HART Services and we intend to continue this training with all staff in the future.”

HART Services provide transport to over 600 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients across the Northern Rivers, servicing Muli-Muli, Jubulum, Box-ridge and Bonalbo. Employing Aboriginal drivers and coordinators, HART provide flexible, responsive services with their culturally art-worked buses. HART has a strong commitment to social justice and equal access, so undertaking Banaam’s cultural immersion experience has been important in fostering those principles.

“HART Services is extremely grateful for the NRCF grant that allowed us to provide Banaam Cultural Immersion Training to our team,” said Isaac.

“Without the NRCF, our organisation would be unable to access this amazing opportunity. So we are grateful and also recommend this opportunity to any team looking for cultural immersion and team building activities,” he said.

This project was funded by a NRCF Community Grant of $3,950 with support from the Yulgilbar Foundation.

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