Mini-Beasts Festival – South Lismore Duck Pond Landcare

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South Lismore Duck Pond Landcare - Mini-Beasts Festival

South Lismore Duck Pond Landcare is a volunteer environmental conservation group rehabilitating South Lismore Duck Pond, one of only two remaining wetlands in the area. It is a haven for local and migratory birds as well as other native fauna. The volunteers host a number of community events in this area including cane toad busts and environmental conservation programs for local schools. Having access to good quality maintenance equipment and sun protection for community events makes the lives of volunteers and participants much easier.  

A community grant from the NRCF enabled this community of volunteers to purchase much needed equipment – a  powerful new lawn mower and brush cutter – and two gazebos for community events.

 South Lismore Duck Pond Landcare - Mini Beasts Identification - Albert Park Public SchoolDespite the catastrophic floods causing a variety of events to be postponed, the Mini-Beasts Festival took place with Albert Park Public School where the children had the opportunity to identify macro-invertebrates in water samples. South Lismore Duck Pond Landcare were able to demonstrate to the children the difference clean water makes to biodiversity health. 

The children became aware of the location and significance of the South Lismore Duck Pond wetland and its importance for local and migratory birds and flood mitigation.  The interconnectedness of all living things in the web of life was also made clear with the realisation that these tiny creatures form a vital part of the food chain and that the plants going into the garden supported the insects, many of which were macro-invertebrates in the water before they reached maturity.  Beautiful dragonflies are an example of larvae which need clean water to survive.

Being able to showcase environmental protection and enhancement is key and the Mini-Beasts Festival is now being incorporated into the school’s curriculum on an annual basis.

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