ReForest Now – Restoring a Critically Endangered Ecosystem

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ReForest Now - restoring rainforest in the Northern Rivers

“101 different species planted. Together they will form a complex, colourful, abundant rainforest to support wildlife. This level of species diversity at just one planting site is rarely seen in large-scale planting organisations in Australia and we are very proud to be able to offer such a biodiverse outcome for NRCF.”


ReForest Now is made up of a small but passionate team with a variety of relevant skills and experience. Always learning and updating their knowledge, they have worked with individuals, businesses and organisations of all sizes to deliver significant environmental outcomes. 

With a community grant from Northern Rivers Community Foundation, ReForest Now was able to buy and plant 2,000 rainforest trees, taking direct and effective action against climate change AND the biodiversity crisis.

Bruce (left) has been to every planting for the past year! Maria (right) hard at work, planting.

ReForest Now wants to see the Big Scrub rainforest return. This project enabled numerous diverse trees to be planted restoring 0.5 hectares of cleared land back into subtropical rainforest including the endangered Davidson Plum, Red Lilly Pilly and Small-leaved Tamarind plus those that support these threatened fauna species.

This burgeoning rainforest will be maintained by ReForest Now for two to three years until the trees are self-sufficient at fighting weed competition and form an initial canopy. 

Subtropical rainforest is certainly one of, if not the best, terrestrial ecosystem for carbon sequestration. Although cleared land will take many years to resemble the original forest structure, the plantings can rapidly store copious amounts of carbon given the location (volcanic soils) and number of species planted.

ReForest Now publicly lists all trees – – offering complete transparency and thanking donors for their contributions.


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