Resilience and Disaster Mitigation through Property Access 

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Shed of Hope - Post Flood Driveway repairs

Resilience and Disaster Mitigation through Property Access 

This project partnered with local businesses, community groups and Kyogle Council to provide all weather access to a number of properties impacted by the 2022 flooding. Through NRCF Community Grants funding as part of last year’s Flood Relief Fund, The Shed of Hope helped low income community members fix damaged driveways and access routes. This helped both  their physical connectedness and mental health after a prolonged period of despair and community isolation. 

A total of eight driveways were repaired, enabling access to homes. The gratitude of the recipients is both humbling and a testament to what we can accomplish when we work together in community. 

Shed Of Hope - Driveway before

A driveway before repair

Shed Of Hope - Driveway After

A driveway after repair

“I haven’t received any help, this is the worst damage from extreme weather I have seen in 30 years, I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t receive your help.”
Mark Smith 

“The driveway works are great, after all the hard and extreme fire and Flood conditions. This is of great assistance and useful particularly if required to exit the property quickly.”
Antheia Williams 

“The driveway is perfect since raising the driveway above ground level so it won’t flood again.”
Travis Morgan 

“First time I have been able to drive up my driveway since the floods, so much appreciated”
Arthur Vinceritti 


Supported by the generosity of James Frizelle Charitable Foundation, this project is a great example of community engagement for the benefit of friends and neighbours during tough times. It saw volunteers offer their time, labour and support despite unexpected setbacks and challenges. It ensured disadvantaged community members who did not have funds to rebuild damages incurred and did not meet eligibility criteria for government grant assistance felt seen and supported, improving overall community connectedness, resilience, mental health and wellbeing.

The Tabulam Village Progress Committee has  since reestablished the local monthly markets due to increased community participation in the village. The increased activity is in part due to residents now able to access and engage with their community again, following the driveway repair project.

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