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Tweed Community Transport

This new SUV will help TBBCT meet the increasing demand on their services

Tweed Ballina Byron Community Transport (TBBCT) has been working for the community, providing transport throughout the pandemic. Thanks to a NRCF Recovery and Resilience Grant, supported by the James Frizelle Charitable Foundation, TBBCT has now purchased a small SUV to help meet the increasing demand on services in the Tweed region.

“We are really excited to welcome a new vehicle, partially funded by NRCF, to our Tweed fleet. This vehicle will enable us to provide safe and comfortable transport for our clients who are elderly, have a disability or are otherwise transport disadvantaged,” said CEO Phil Barron.

There are significant levels of transport disadvantage in our region. With minimal public transport available, especially between regional towns or for those requiring specialist medical appointments across the QLD border, people with reduced mobility can find it difficult to access important services.

“We have a number of Aboriginal communities which are poorly, or not at all, serviced by public transport and the rates of car ownership and licensing are comparatively low in these communities,” said Kate Geary, Quality Assurance & Projects Officer at TBBCT.

“TBBCT provides individual door-to-door transport for medical and other appointments, including social and recreational trips where there is capacity.  They also offer regular shopping and social bus outings,” she said.

Over the 2019 – 2020 year, 74,791 trips were provided by this service, thanks to 132 volunteers and 37 staff. In total, 4,008 individuals were assisted with trips to medical appointments, community services, shopping, education and social outings. When social distancing rules came into place last year, this put added pressure on their fleet of vehicles, with only one individual and their carer allowed in the car at any one time. Both Transport for NSW and TBBCT are currently running campaigns to educate people about community transport, to ensure those who would benefit from it can find more information and know how to access the service. If you would like to find out more about TBBCT and the services they have available, call 1300 875 895 or visit

“Thank you to the NRCF and your supporters, and to the James Frizelle Charitable Foundation. We are so pleased to be recipients of this grant. It will make a real difference to us as an organisation and to our volunteers and clients, enabling us to provide more trips in greater comfort,” said Kate.

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