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Meet David McGrath, Director – NRCFDavid McGrath

David McGrath is a new Director at the NRCF. He has 36 years experience in Development and Project Management in Australia (Sydney, Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Northern NSW) London, Papua New Guinea and Rwanda.

When not at NRCF, David is the Senior Project Executive for KOHO Housing – an award winning specialist developer providing innovative housing and financial concepts for people with a disability in Australia. Housing for people with a disability is now David’s focus.

David is also providing pro-bono Project Management advice for two charities in Papua New Guinea under his private company Davcam Pty Limited.
These projects will provide desperately needed safe havens for women and children in Port Moresby.

Tell us something that people might not know about you

I swam in the inaugural ‘Dark MOFO nude solstice (after the longest night of the year) swim’. It was snowing and -4 degrees C driving to the beach and even colder standing naked on the sand waiting for the sun to appear on the horizon! According to my wife (who only attended to ensure I did not suffer a heart attack) I swam further than the majority of people who just waded in and then sprinted  back out. Byron Boys are made of tougher stuff! Would I do it again?  . . . Yep.”

How did you become involved in the NRCF?

I have always enjoyed working with people who want to make a difference instead of just sitting back and saying “why doesn’t someone do something about that”. I think it was the Mahatma Gandi who said “be the change you want to see in the world” – the most active group in this region changing society for the better is the NRCF, so I joined them!”

Property and the most disadvantaged isn’t normally in the same sentence, how come it is for you?

“Ahhh Not true! Many people are disadvantaged BECAUSE they don’t live in a decent home. Children can’t study, people get sick, the elderly are continually nervous about their security it goes on and on. The stereotype of the greedy property developer is very wrong – some of the most generous philanthropists in the Northern Rivers are property developers – they just don’t like the general public knowing, because the general public may believe they are donating for suspicious reasons.”

What stories and impacts are you most encouraged by?

“People who have had their lives completely destroyed – they recover – and then help others who are going through a similar situation. Ya gotta love people who can do that!”

What are you working on currently for the NRCF?

“The next fundraising event in August . . . standby for something very special.” 

What would you tell your friends about volunteering for NRCF?

“Just do it!  The NRCF people are SO positive, generous and know how to have a good time at the same time as making a difference for people who ‘need a hand UP – not a hand OUT”

What do you do when not at NRCF? 

“Indoor rowing, walking, swimming – anything outdoors! Carpentry, drinking red wine.”

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