The Wardell Graffiti Arts Painting Project

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The Wardell Graffiti Arts Painting Project

About 40 young people participated in a graffiti art project to transform the Wardell underpass south of Ballina into a piece of public art. NRCF provided funding for the project in which participants attended four weeks of workshops to develop the design concept and then two days of painting on site during the school holidays.

The group identified and painted two main themes: a love for music including hip hop, bands and dancing; and the Richmond River’s role in the town, including cane fields and the annual fires. The workshop taught the young people art and creative skills, and an enhanced network of friends was established during the project.

Ballina District Community Services Association (BDCSA) and NRCF would like to acknowledge and thank all the participants for their contribution to their community. There has been great support from supplying paint rollers, to coming down to look, having a chat and just to say ‘well done’!

The mural is now completed and is viewed as very successful, having created a supportive environment for young people to explore their creativity and self-expression. There will be one final event at the Wardell Hall, which will include a barbecue and a facilitated art project for each participant to create an artwork on canvas using spray cans, stencils, paints and brushes.

This final event will bring the Wardell community together to acknowledge and celebrate the success of the Wardell Bridge Mural and the wonderful young people who created it.

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