2022 Community Grants Round Summary

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This year’s Community Grants Round heralded a huge response from community organisations, with a record number of grant applications coming in.

A total of 115 applications were received by the Northern Rivers Community Foundation, with our Grant and Impact Team busily processing this 55% increase since last year.

With a total of $3.3 million in grant requests, it is clear there is an increased need for financial support across the Northern Rivers, in order for important community work to be done.

NRCF has traditionally distributed small grants up to $10,000, recognising the ongoing need to support organisations that typically fall through the funding gap.  However, in response to critical issues impacting the Northern Rivers community, this year’s Community Grants Program offered three funding streams.

Of the applications received:

  • 40% were for our regular Small Grants program of up to $10,000 funding four priority areas of Recovery and Resilience; Disadvantage; Environment; Housing and Homelessness.
  • 20% requested assistance through our Recovery and Resilience Capacity Building Grants of up to $25,000 to support disaster recovery initiatives, resilience and disaster mitigation projects.
  • 40% applied for Flood Relief Fund Capacity Building Grants of up to $50,000 to support Feb/ March 2022 flood recovery initiatives, resilience and disaster mitigation projects.

It’s clear from the sheer volume of applications, that support for the ongoing and significant recovery work that is being undertaken in the aftermath of the floods is vital throughout the Northern Rivers.

If you would like to contribute towards funding evidence-based grant making which directly supports our community organisations who are on the ground, imbedded and connected in their local communities, reach out today.

Donate online through GiveNow NRCF or via direct deposit through with the account details listed on our donations page on the NRCF website.

Your generous donation is tax deductible and will make a real difference.

We look forward to awarding successful applicants in November for the 2022 Community Grants Round.

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