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Rental and mortgage stress continues to increase in the Northern Rivers while private rental market availability is one of the lowest in the state. This has coincided with an unprecedented property boom and a limited supply of affordable and community housing stock to create a serious housing and homelessness crisis in our region. Local community organisations are doing their best to keep up with the demand for their services, but many are now struggling to cope financially with the increase in people needing urgent assistance.

Craig Ruddy

Craig Ruddy

In response to this crisis currently faced by the most vulnerable members of our community, friends of NRCF Liz Friend and Eunice Chung, rallied the support of 25 artists from across the country in September, raising over $20,000 to help alleviate this crisis, through an online art auction – ART AID.

Thank you to Craig Ruddy, Ann Thomson, Konstantina John Dahlsen, Carlos Barrios, Amber Hearn, Hilary Herrmann, Gabrielle Pool, Emma Gale, Leah Thiessen, Amanda Schunker, Caitlin Reilly, Brent Hallard, Avital Sheffer, John Lloyd, Jonathan Kopinski, Ron Curran, James (Jimmy) Kearns, Nikky Morgan-Smith, Jan Rae, Dianne Ingram, Sylvie Kettle, Kitty Callaghan, Donna Malone and Liz Friend herself who donated their art from the heart to help those who need it most in our region at this time.

Liz Friend

Liz Friend

Art Aid 2021 has been a wonderful project to work on, bringing together artists who are passionate about helping the homeless in our area and people who love art and are keen to donate to such a worthy cause. I am very grateful to the NRCF for supporting both the Reality Check and Art Aid 2021 campaigns, and all the artists who donated their work. It has been a busy and very rewarding six months and, despite these tough times, it feels good to know we have been able to make a difference!” Art Aid Organiser and Artist, Liz Friend.

All proceeds from Art Aid 2021 go to the Housing and Homelessness stream of the NRCF 2021 Community Grants Round which addresses the immediate needs of the Northern Rivers NSW community by providing financial assistance to community groups and organisations who support our most vulnerable.

Successful 2021 Community Grant Applicants will be announced at our annual NRCF Grant Giving Event at the end of November, and feature in our Summer newsletter out in December.


It was my pleasure to be involved with Liz and the team at NRCF for Art Aid. Aboriginal people are over represented throughout our land in the numbers of homeless as are women and children in the Northern Rivers in current housing crisis. In some very small way, I hope I helped someone or someone and their kids. As a mum, It breaks my heart that my help is even necessary and that support isn’t more forthcoming for these high risk beautiful people that need a hand.” Artist, Kate Konstantine (Konstantina)

“I’m very happy for the opportunity to be part of Art Aid 2021. As we know homelessness and the housing crisis are on the rise and what a beautiful way to bring art into people’s lives and help this beautiful project. I look forward to seeing the positive outcome from this great initiative.” Artist, Craig Ruddy




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