Cool Room Storage Facilities for Ballina Hot Meals Centre

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Ballina Hot Meals Centre - Cool Room Storage

After a set-back with their first freezer room floating away in the floods the night before it was to be delivered, another was sourced and has been installed at Ballina Hot Meals Centre (BHMC). Colin Lee, Chairman of BHMC says that “the freezer room is proving a wonderful asset for Ballina Hot Meal Centre which is providing much larger storage capacity allowing us to keep up the big demand for our vital meal service”.  

The cool room provides storage for products to prepare meals for people experiencing homelessness, financially disadvantaged, elderly, lonely and those persons suffering either mental or physical issues.  The volunteers are delighted at the size and ease of entry to the room which also means less wastage, reducing landfill refuse and the cost of provisions. 

The NRCF Housing Impact Fund and a generous donation from Bob and Wendy Dunnett from the Dunnett Foundation supported this project. 

The BHMC is operated and run by volunteers with meals being prepared substantially from ‘donated’ goods and products. It serves around 160 -180 meals each of the days they are open.  

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