Elsie Rose Women’s Haven Kyogle Fund

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Lynda Clark, founder of Elsie Rose Women’s Haven Kyogle Fund

Elsie Rose Women’s Haven Kyogle Fund

Our social impact research and extensive community knowledge at NRCF ensures we are deeply connected to the Northern Rivers community and can listen to what the community says they need.

For 20 years we have been responding to the changing needs of our community by connecting those who care, with those in need.

One of the ways we do this is by offering the opportunity for donors to set up their own named fund, enabling them to create a personal impact in their community for a cause they are passionate about.

Lynda Clark a founding member of NRCF Women’s Giving Circle and  recently opened the Elsie Rose Women’s Haven Kyogle Fund with NRCF talks candidly about why she is choosing to give while she lives.

“I was motivated to set up a Fund to build accommodation for Women escaping Domestic Violence (DV) primarily because none exists in my LGA and I believe that each individual can make a positive difference, no matter how small and the need is great and escalating.”

Having endured a difficult upbringing in a household which included dysfunction, and then later during her professional career as a nurse/midwife, Lynda was often on the frontline, witnessing the fallout from domestic and family violence (DVF). During that time, Lynda provided shelter to many people escaping the trauma of DVF.

A combination of personal experience and of finding no support system available to her or others in a similar situation, inspired Lynda to leave an ongoing legacy to “provide a degree of safety and support for others in need.”

As such, the Elsie Rose Women’s Haven Kyogle Fund has been designed to support development of a women’s shelter and offer support for women and girls impacted by family and domestic violence in Kyogle.

“I would encourage anyone who is passionate about making a positive difference, no matter how small to do some research and JUST DO IT.  But!  Don’t put it off.”

~ Lynda Clark

To learn more about NRCF funds, or to make a contribution to Elsie Rose Women’s Haven Kyogle Fund, contact Sandra at engagement@nrcf.org.au 


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