Paying it forward through the SCU Bowen Education Fund – why scholarships matter 

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Cynthia McGrath and Peter Bowen - BOWEN SCU Fund

When generosity received turns into generosity shared  

Community Welfare student Cynthia McGrath recently had a rare opportunity to meet her scholarship donor, Peter Bowen, at the Lismore campus. Cynthia is a 2023 recipient of the NRCF’s SCU Bowen Education Fund, established through collaborative efforts by long-term donors Julie and Peter Bowen, with a contribution from Southern Cross University. 

The fund aims to support Northern Rivers students facing disadvantage to pursue higher education. Inspired by the transformative impact of scholarships on his own life, Peter emphasised the value of education and urged others to contribute. 

“There is no money better spent than in education and helping someone to achieve that education, regardless of their personal circumstances. It’s really good to give back to something that you’ve benefited from,” Peter said.

Cynthia, a single mother, felt validated and supported by the scholarship, empowering her pursuit of a Community Welfare degree to help women and families. 

“It was like having someone believe in me. I feel like I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing,” Cynthia said.

 The fund awarded three scholarships in 2023 to students from diverse backgrounds. Southern Cross University has pledged to match fund contributions to the NRCF up to $50,000, expanding opportunities for students in need.

You can contribute to the SCU Bowen Scholarship Fund here.

Watch the inspiring video interview with Cynthia and Peter.

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