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Children playing at FSN

Family Support Network (FSN) in East Lismore is the Australian coordinator for the ‘Parents as Teachers’ evidence-based training program which supports parents in engaging with their child’s early learning and development.

With the help of NRCF funding, FSN was able to install soft-fall play areas and paving for the families that attend their playgroups, baby groups and parenting classes at their South Lismore property. Thanks to the NRCF grant and Playfall Australia, the outside play area can now be used more often and the children can also play outside after a rain event.  Before the soft fall was installed, a section of the play area had become unusable due to soil and drainage issues. This much needed infrastructure project vastly improved the way children access and play in this space and now provides easier access for prams and families who have a family member with a physical disability.

“The new playground has connected the different vegetable patches and fruit trees in the garden, and the children have so much fun using the paths to water the plants, run and play. They have been popular with babies who are learning to walk on a nice flat soft surface, and the older kids have come up with so many different games to play on them. We are still receiving great feedback from the parents who comment on how lovely the space is, and how lucky the Lismore community is to have a space they can bring their children to. Thank you again to the Northern Rivers Community Foundation whose generosity over the last 2 years has provided a fun, safe space for kids to come, play and smile.” Bradley Bower, FSN General Manager

Find out more about the work of FSN HERE.

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