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New ribbon blender machine at Synergy Group

Synergy Group is a progressive, community-based organisation specialising in packaging and labelling for the food and cosmetic industries. In operation in Tweed Head for over 50 years, this is an organisation focused on a person’s ability rather than their disability, and dedicated to providing meaningful employment to those living with a permanent disability.

With NRCF Recovery and Resilience Grant funding received, Synergy purchased a Ribbon Blender machine enabling them to transition to a semi-automated service, increasing their production capacity which in turn enabled the organisation to grow and ensure constant employment for their supported employees.

Without the NRCF grant, Synergy were at risk of going out of business. With increased capacity and now able to offer quicker turn-around times at more competitive rates, since receiving the machine Synergy have secured 6 new clients, and maintained the employment of 47 disabled employees.

“It’s an exciting time for Synergy Group with staff and supported employees learning new skills as we get used to being a semi-automated facility” – Lily Chapman, Production Manager

“What a difference the machines have made, I can now approach many more businesses knowing our scope of work is so much wider, the team are now blending and packing everything from Coffee and Muesli to Liquid Broth and Hair Oil”Monica Leitao, Business Development Manager

“The purchase of these machines has given Synergy Group a future, we look forward to helping our supported workforce learn new skills and importantly give more employment opportunities to adults living with a disability in our community” – Sarah Green, General Manager

Watch a short video presented by Sipp Instant, one of Synergy Group’s new clients onboarded since the purchase of the Ribbon Blender HERE. Video produced by @sippinstant @kuruptvisin

Find out more about the work of the Synergy Group HERE or call 07 5523 4579.

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