Recovery and Resilience Funds

Projects that offer solution-based responses to the current challenges faced, as well as supporting community organisations to become more resilient and regenerative in their approach to disasters and crises.

Following the 2022 flooding events that devastated the Northern Rivers region, the NRCF was instrumental in the immediate and ongoing disaster response. This continues our proud history of supporting our communities through crises such as bushfires, the pandemic and other disasters. Donating to these funds ensures the NRCF can support agile crisis response and mitigation.


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Celebrating impact - thanks to your support!

Emergency Response Flood Grant supports mental health recovery in Wardell

A new organisation with skills and experience in community response, Wardell Community Organised Resilience Effort (Wardell CORE) worked to support their community in disaster response, relief, and flood recovery. This project was funded thanks to NRCF's 2022 Emergency Response Grants, directly following the devastating floods of February and March 2022. The Wardell CORE project offered mental health services coordination including program development, volunteer coordination and management. It also provided a mental health outreach program to provide case management, meals delivery, fresh produce and pantry goods delivery, and needs assessments.

"All of this to date has been made possible exclusively by volunteers and the support of a host of incredible people."
- JOEL ORCHARD, Director, Wardell CORE