Spaghetti Circus use funds to replace flood damaged circus equipment

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Spagetti Circus cleaning up flood mud

New sprung floor for Spagetti CircusThe iconic Spaghetti Circus was also impacted by the floods in early 2022, with the place of enjoyment, creativity and physical movement for so many children thrown into jeopardy.

With a $10,000 grant through the Flood Relief Fund Emergency Response Grants Program, Spaghetti Circus was able to salvage and replace equipment.

$5,000 was of funds was used to purchase plywood to replace the sprung floor that was flood damaged and the remaining $5,000 was used to purchase new landing mats and aerial mats.

The community organisation said the immediate support and the administration assistance provided to help them apply for the grant while internet and phones were down was invaluable.

“Spaghetti Circus was closed for six weeks due to the floods, without these funds this could have been up to six months,” Spaghetti Circus said.

“The support had deep physiological benefits for the students, staff, volunteers and families at Spaghetti Circus.

“The floor and matting allowed classes to resume and Spaghetti Circus to get back to creating healthy, confident and creative kids.”

Over 200,000 people experience Spaghetti Circus in a non-Covid year. This funding directly helped 240 kids and families in the Mullumbimby area to be able to return to circus to be creative, connect and begin to improve their mental health

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