Mudyala Aboriginal Corporation

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Mudyala Aboriginal Corporation

Mudyala Aboriginal Corporation is an Aboriginal owned and run not-for-profit organisation that aims to support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in the Northern NSW Clarence Valley region. Our aim is to support young people and their families to connect and engage with education in a comfortable and culturally appropriate manner.

One of Mudyala Aboriginal Corporation’s two buildings in the South West Clarence Valley Region was hit by flooding in early 2022. Heartbreakingly, everything inside was destroyed.

Mudyala fosters cultural pride, connection and engagement through incredible programs such as Community Preschool Engagement Program, Aboriginal Children and Youth Program, Play N Yarn groups, Yaegl Elders Aboriginal Corporation and the The Rising Warriors.

Their losses in the early 2022 flooding included stock, equipment, tables and chairs, as well as their bush tucker garden and the foods that Mudyala sells at the markets.

Mudyala said their members and community were devastated by the loss, but had already mobilised to help their communities.

“The entire stock they use to create native mix and other native goods to sell and fundraise for their community has been lost, including the fruit they had grown which was due to harvest,” Mudyala said.

“It was urgent to replace the lost stock of Rosella fruit and the storage shelving. This ensured they didn’t lose a vital income source and can continue with their activities and programs.”

This project ensured the income for Aboriginal children and youth programs by providing produce to keep up the sale of products at local markets.

The $6,446 grant also allowed Mudyala Aboriginal Corporation to prepare a stronger flood plan with storage areas now containing metal shelving that won’t mould, unlike the previous wooden shelving, which caused a significant loss of stock.

This grant supported 13 people and also supported Mudyala volunteers – who needed something to do to keep positive in the devastating aftermath of the floods. Mudyala said of the impact of the grant was touching.

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