Spotlight on our Donors – Crystal Castle & King Family


The King Family - Crystal Castle

From humble beginnings on their 26 acre property Naren, Sono and the King family have worked hard to establish the Crystal Castle, which encompasses the world renowned Shambhala Gardens. Now a significant tourist attraction, their vision for the future of ‘the Castle’ is to continue creating a place to enrich spirit, where people can find some peace from the world, and be touched by nature’s beauty.

To help enrich and give back to their own community, Naren and Sono established the Crystal Castle and King Family Fund in 2020, to support the people, the animals and the environment of the Mullumbimby area.

“For the past 35 years the Mullumbimby community has given us support in the form of creativity, passion, inspiration, and has been involved in so many collaborative projects both here at the Crystal Castle and fundraising for overseas causes,” said Naren.

“We were inspired by the concept of the NRCF, and how a fund like this is a long-term investment in community support, that only grows and gets better over time. This Fund provides the perfect opportunity for us to give back to our community in perpetuity, and we’re so excited to see what this will become in the future.”

A Named Fund can be established in your own name, your company’s name, or, perhaps in the name of a loved one or associate. If you are interested in leaving a long-lasting legacy in our region, consider setting up a Named Fund with the NRCF. Find more information on the Giving Page of our website here or feel free to contact us anytime at, or 0499 862 886.

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