Staying Alive – 88.9FM Community Radio Coraki’s communication solution

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Drone Shot over Woodburn taken by 88.9FM. Photo Credit: Jack Wood

Staying Alive – 88.9FM Community Radio Coraki’s communication solution

The 2023 Community Resilience Grants were designed for local community groups to support the Northern Rivers ongoing flood recovery. This particular grants program recognised the invaluable role that communication networks played during the floods and emphasises the need to improve and implement community-built systems to ensure a swifter and more effective response to future challenges. As recent recipients of  a Community Resilience Grant, 88.9FM Community Radio Coraki are able to implement their innovative STAYING ALIVE communications project.

It is clear that the Northern Rivers will always need its own recovery and resilience services when disasters strike. 88.9 Radio Coraki are now in the fortunate position to have both the communication skills and facilities to steer people to the organisations they need, 24/7.

The March 2022 floods created a plethora of needs for people. Since this time, 88.9 FM has connected its many listeners to recovery services including housing, food, health, and mental health. They understand that their community needs swift and accurate reporting before, during and after a disaster.
Radio stations produce programs in urban areas, transferring the audio to elevated broadcasting facilities for community consumption but without power, broadcasters are silenced.

Radio host and President of Community Radio Coraki, Roger Wood (OAM) is clear;

“We have learnt that listeners need accurate, speedy reporting before, during and after disasters. Communication is our solution”

88.9FM Community Radio Coraki - Community Resilience Grant RecipientRadio Coraki has indeed listened to their listeners. They have heard and continue to hear many 2022 flood stories. This community feedback has enabled them to come up with project ‘Staying Alive’. An innovative project that overcomes both power and NBN failure by using their transmitter studio, powered by their elevated solar system and received by car radios. A private walky talky system, using their own licenced frequency combined with commercial installation of walky-talky systems in motor vehicles, flood-free homes and businesses so that they can continue to provide 24/7 communication to support their local community when then next disaster strikes.


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