River Warriors create a community-led recovery for Bruns River

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Positive Change For Marine Life - River Warriors on Brunswick River

River Warriors – A community driven, ecosystem approach to the recovery and resilience of the Brunswick River 

In 2022 Positive Change for Marine Life was an enthusiastic recipient of an NRCF Recovery and Resilience Community Grant designed to support flood impacted communities with disaster recovery initiatives, resilience, and disaster mitigation projects.

The Brunswick River holds immense ecological, cultural and heritage value. Pressure from a wide range of threats including development and the impacts of climate change present a significant management challenge for the community.

Relevant to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 13 – Climate Action and 14 – Life Below Water, their project River Warriors was created to develop ground-breaking community-led restoration programs to protect and support carbon sinks, strengthen catchment resilience and engage a diverse group of community stakeholders.

River Warriors successfully delivered this and so much more.


  • 700 native riparian trees and 50 mangroves planted.
  • 204 community members trained through citizen science programs and educational workshops.
  • 4 major community clean-up events, collecting 180Kg of waste with the help of 320 volunteers.

Karl Goodsell, Founder and CEO of Positive Change for Marine Life, enthused about both the effectiveness and achievements of the program,

Positive Change For Marine Life - River Warriors“This year’s project along the Brunswick River has been a groundbreaking journey. Harnessing the power of citizen science, we’ve seen remarkable strides in understanding and protecting this vital ecosystem. Our approach, deeply rooted in community engagement, has turned the Brunswick River into a living laboratory where every observation contributes to our growing knowledge. The participation of a private landholder has been a game-changer, setting a precedent for environmental stewardship. Their involvement has not only aided in safeguarding the river but also serves as an influential case study to inspire other landholders to undertake similar initiatives. This project is more than just conservation; it’s about forging a sustainable coexistence with our natural world, driven by collective action and shared responsibility.”

To learn more about River Warriors and their approach to protecting and restoring ‘the Bruns’, visit pcfml.org.au/resources-nsw to watch informative and engaging mini films detailing their progress.

If you are passionate about our local wildlife, land and ecosystems, join us in helping them to thrive by donating to one of our environmental funds. These projects span everything from restoration of our river banks through to wildlife care for our endangered native wildlife.


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