Nimbin Disaster Resilience Project

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Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre - Disaster Resilience Project

Nimbin Disaster Resilience Project – a project to increase the resilience of the Nimbin community to disaster events

Maintaining momentum in between disasters is an ongoing challenge. When disaster struck Nimbin again in 2022, through flooding, the community rallied not just to recover, but to rise stronger. As grateful recipients of an NRCF Flood Relief Round 2 Grant, the Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre spearheaded a project to bolster local resilience by equipping and empowering community members with both physical tools and a sense of agency.

Immediately after a disaster people want to get involved and help, but as time goes by enthusiasm wanes. Hence the need for underlying scaffolding that a neighbourhood centre or similar locally-based organisation can provide. Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre successfully weaved a net of preparedness though the following well-considered actions:

  • Comprehensive planning: Consultations informed a robust Disaster Response and Recovery Plan, guiding future actions.
  • Empowered communication: UHF radios were placed in key outreach locations, ensuring information flow even when physical connections falter.
  • Ready for action: Emergency equipment and supplies were procured, primed for immediate deployment in an evacuation scenario.
  • Unified response: The Nimbin Showgrounds were designated as the primary evacuation centre and base for disaster response, fostering centralised coordination.

Natalie Meyer, Centre Manager at Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre confirmed,

“The funding was invaluable in enabling us to revise and consult around the Nimbin Community Disaster Plan, purchase emergency evacuation equipment and supplies, shore up the Emergency Radio Network, and build the Community Care Team.”

Approximately 450 people directly benefitted from the project and outcomes included:Nimbin Emergency Radio Network (NERN) Radio Holders

  • 33 Community Care Team members, trained and ready to assist.
  • 17 NERN radio holders, equipped to maintain vital communication lines.
  • Swifter and more organised disaster response, thanks to pre-planning and resource allocation.
  • Enhanced community confidence, knowing where to go, what to do, and who to turn to in the face of adversity.

Nimbin’s story is a testament to the power of proactive local community planning. By investing in preparedness, the town has woven a safety net, making it stand taller, more resilient, and ready to face whatever challenges come its way.

If you are passionate  about supporting your local community to become more resilient, a donation to our Recovery and Resilience funds, however small, ensures the NRCF can continue to support agile crisis response and mitigation projects just like this one.

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