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Tweed Palliative Support Inc provides loan equipment to palliative and end-of life clients, either in their own home or as part of the Wedgetail Retreat Community Hospice. They do this with their team of Registered Nurses and specially trained volunteers.

There are clients in the community and guests at the hospice that require a larger bed due to height, weight or swelling issues secondary to medical conditions. Most of these people also require a pressure mattress to ensure that they do not get further pain due to a break down in skin integrity.

NRCF’s grant went towards the purchase of a king single bed with overlaying pressure care mattresses.

Due to the generosity of NRCF we can now service the many guests we get that are either too tall or too big due to either weight or oedema to fit in normal beds. To date, since receiving the bed and pressure mattress, we have been able to better accommodate 15 guests at the Hospice that would have otherwise been uncomfortable and at risk for further skin breakdown. We have just had a lovely gentleman pass away comfortably in the bed prior to these pictures being taken.  His wife was able to lie with him as he went. We foresee this equipment will help hundreds of guests at the Hospice and even more palliative clients in the community.
Gillian Cooper, Volunteer Consultant and Lifetime Member

Tweed Palliative Support Inc is the only provider of free medical equipment on loan to the community of the Tweed and surrounding areas.

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