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We caught up with business owner Steve Fisher to find out the passion behind his business, Community Works, choosing to #givewhereyoulive.

Community Works recently joined the NRCF family as one of our local Business For Good donors.

Q: What made you start Community Works?

I had been working in the sector we serve for some years before we started in 2008. I could see a need and potential demand for the services we provide.  

Q: In a nutshell,  what does Community Works do?

We provide management consulting and professional services to organisations working in the health and education field and in social and economic development. This work includes training, support and advice, project management and tackling strategic issues. Apart from Australia, we have worked with clients and partners in twenty countries.

Q: The Northern Rivers has a proud history of businesses helping support their local communities. What inspired Community Works to?

It is a beautiful, dynamic place and we are fortunate to live and work here. Keeping it that way doesn’t happen by accident. So we feel a responsibility to support local community-led projects that achieve social, economic and environmental goals.

Q: Why NRCF?

We like the projects that NRCF supports. We know from our own work that relatively modest financial support to a local community group or organisation can achieve impressive results. NRCF seems to us to be a thoughtful organisation with a long-term perspective.

Q: What is the legacy you are building by being a Business for Good donor with the Northern Rivers Community Foundation?

Perhaps legacy is a big word, but joining with others and combining resources can make a difference for this region. That is what we would like to achieve.

Q: Where can we find you on any given Sunday in the Northern Rivers? And what would be your activity of choice?

Work commitments mean that I frequently travel away from home. So a Sunday in the Northern Rivers is usually time to work in the garden of our place in Mullumbimby. If I venture out, then seeing a movie, relaxing at a brewery or a coastal walk are among my favourite activities.

If your business is interested in joining the NRCF Business For Good community, get in touch today!
You can find out more here, email engagement@nrcf.org.au or phone 0499 862 886.

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