Widening The Riparian Zone Along Upper Tucki Creek  

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The NRCF grant received by the Goonellabah Tucki Creek Landcare Group (GTCLG) was used to great effect in the planting of over 3000 native plants along Upper Tucki Tucki Creek. Multiple sites have been revegetated / regenerated and these areas will in time form part of a diverse urban rainforest corridor that will vastly improve the health of the creek. This has been achieved through bringing together a wonderful group of community volunteers, including families, elderly, those with disabilities and school children.  

The grant afforded GTCLG the opportunity to educate their members on how to make real change for their local environment. Shaen Springall, Secretary of the Group noted that “people from nearby in the community have been so impressed by the work happening along the creek that they have requested we form a partnership with them and assist their neighbourhood in regenerating their part of neglected creek area.” 

There have been social and community benefits too as this dedicated and close-knit group of enthusiastic volunteers are steadily growing their membership with more and more people wanting to become involved in regenerating Tucki Creek.  

This project has also provided the opportunity to educate the community and school children on the importance of looking after our environment and how to turn a neglected riparian zone into a biodiverse area that will see existing wildlife thrive and attract a greater diversity of wildlife to the area.  


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